Thank you so much for helping me organize my computer.

I never realized what a mess it was until we got started. I hate to admit how scared I was of my computer and you have helped me overcome this (well almost).

I know it is not an instant solution but one that I have to continue working on, I do feel more at ease with the style of organization and feel happier going forward with the system that is now in place. The system you have helped me set up is more in line with my Virgo personality (very orderly).

Just having you show me how to work with my computer and not to be scared of it is very reassuring. I now just have to put it all into practice and maintain the system.

Thank you so much.


Thank you so much for helping me with my decluttering process. Now that the dust has settled I am really enjoying my clear spaces and I am motivated to keep it up.

Now that I see the results i am motivated to do the garage and kitchen as well.