About Organising home Cape TownWhat do you think a Professional Organiser does?

A Professional Organiser covers a really wide variety of services. I will begin to explain some of the functions of a Professional Organiser.

In the Home:

We can help with general home organising that includes areas in the home that are cluttered, messy and generally disorganised. However, it doesn’t have to look like a hoarding nightmare for our services to be useful. When one has a general feeling of being out of sync with life because of the clutter that surrounds us a professional organiser can help.


Some areas of concern in the home are:

About Organising Kitchen Cape TownThe kitchen

When our kitchens are cluttered and messy we run the risk of wasting foodstuffs just because we can’t find what we are looking for.

The kitchen can quickly become a breeding ground for creepy-crawlies.

Food can expire before we get around to using it because we can’t see it.

We clutter up the drawers with multiples of gadget because we can’t find the thing that we are looking for.

Cooking and baking in a disorganised and cluttered kitchen becomes a chore and we end up buying ready made goods instead of making or baking them ourselves. Have you considered using the services of a Professional Organiser to help you?

What have you decluttered today?

Have you really really DECLUTTERED or just moved it around?


About Organising Cape Town simplicity16The living areas

Do you have areas in your living areas where there are piles of magazines or newspapers that have been read but not discarded?

Children’s toys that are not packed away because there is nowhere to pack them?

Books and general stuff that lie around and create a sense of general disorder

Perhaps it is time to clear the space – get rid of what is not needed anymore and find a workable place for the items that you would like to keep in the living areas. A Professional Organiser can help you organise your living space in such a way that you can feel comfortable using this area.

Don’t just declutter, DE-OWN.

Letting go becomes easier, when you see not what you lose, but all what you gain, in creating space for something new.


About Organising Bathrooms Cape TownIn the bathroom

What is lurking in your bathroom cupboards?  Old toiletries that you no longer use – if they smell funny – Chuck them out.

Old make-up that you no longer use – it does not serve you to keep stuff like this. Throw it away.

The bathroom cupboard can become a catch-all for many unused goods – medicines, ointments, eye drops etc. that really need to be discarded. Old face clothes and whatever else you keep in there. It is a good idea to clear out the bathroom cupboards on a regular basis and as with all other spaces a Professional Organiser can help with this.

Organisation doesn’t mean PERFECTION!


About Organising Bedrooms Cape TownIn the main bedroom

The main bedroom should be a place for calm and relaxation. A space to go to at the end of a busy day where you can get a good night’s sleep. Is your bedroom full of clutter that has not been packed away – clothes on a chair worn, not yet ready to be washed?, handbags used but not put away?, scarves from yesterday’s outfit that are not stored where they should be? – you get my drift…. Perhaps the way you use your existing storage space needs to assessed and help with discarding clothing and accessories that you no longer wear and use can be donated or given away. A Professional Prganiser can assist you with the process of clearing out your bedroom and making space for the real you.

If it doesn’t make you feel fabulous, don’t do it, don’t buy it, don’t keep it!


About Organising Living Areas Cape TownIn the children’s bedroom

Children’s bedrooms can quickly become messy and cluttered. This is the nature of most children and their spaces. We need to provide them with adequate storage space for their goods and a routine in which they must participate in order to keep the chaos under control. Having a clear understanding of where things go help children and their parents to keep mess and clutter to a minimum in a child’s room. A regular decluttering session where toys are donated or given away also help to keep things under control. Some Professional Organisers can work specifically in this area.

Can you relate? Your children while they clean their room: 1% cleaning; 30% complaining; 69% playing with stuff they just found.


These areas are just the tip of the ice berg. In my following blogs I will provide more information on what a Professional Organiser can do for you…

Until next time – live your life in balance.

Professional Organising – An Introduction